Richard W Lafferty

Health and Life Background

I started in the Health and Life insurance business in 1990.  I worked for Blue Cross of California for the first 8 years in almost every aspect of Insurance. Inputting claims, membership, underwriting, risk management and more. I first started sales in 1994 in the Small Group division.  I have since sold independently in all areas of Health and Life including Whole and Universal Life, Medicare Supplements, Annuities and Supplemental Health such as American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC). As of current, my specialty is Self-Insurance for Businesses 20 to 1000 lives.

Web Design

Web Design began in 1998 and my reason for leaving Blue Cross. I went to work for Hurlburt Enterprises as Project Lead for a programming project not cooincendtly for Blue Cross. I had begun a system internally using early OCR recognition software called Monarch. This knowledge spiraled into a multi-year deal with Blue Cross on a nationwide plan that was needed in the National Blue Cross company known then as Unicare. After that project we began a speculation project known as School Information Exchange. This was an online School Information website that would allow Teachers to make sure all State ciriculum was being met. Also, this allowed parent to track online at home, students grades, projects and more. The website itself was backed up by a highly complex database design.